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The Big Debate

This is it. The Real Reason why we are all here. For this historic moment in world history... to SET THE WIENER FREE.
For centuries now the wiener has been victim to being smothered with condiments, drowning out it's unique flavour, making a mess on white T-shirts across the globe at BBQ's. Isn't it time to celebrate the unique benefits of a plain hot dog?!! And why is plain aways equated with boring? There is nothing boring about it. The only boring thing is the bun! The bun's boringness has always overshadowed the True Heroic Nature of our main character. So now it's time to take a look at the REAL Facts.

Fact #1 The Wiener IS the Most IMPORTANT Part of the Hot dog... in fact without the wiener, a Hot Dog simply does not exist. Even in the store wieners are sold with the name 'Hot Dog' and yet there are no condiments or buns even associated with it yet!

Fact #2 The Wiener is Famous. It is so important that there is a famous song about it... perhaps you have heard of the Oscar Mayer Wiener song? Who hasn't?!! (If you have been living in a cave most of your life and are not aware of the song see the clip below) Yet, there are no songs about condiments. We could rest our case on this fact alone! Beyond this startling fact, there is still more evidence to back up our claim... read on...

Fact #3 The Wiener Needs No One, Everyone Needs The Wiener
The wiener on it's own is still called a Hot Dog! Even without it's associated counterparts, it stands on it's own maintaining it's true identity. Even when it is roasted over a fire, or chopped up and put on top of Macaroni, or rolled up in tasty pillsbury dough, it is still, and will always be, a Hot Dog. The same cannot be said for a bun. And who has heard of roasting ketchup over an open fire...?

Fact #4 The Wiener Is Versatile
Hot dogs are more versatile than condiments. They are made of many different meats, and non meats (hooray for vegetarians!). If you look at the sheer number of hot dog variations in comparison to the variety of condiments available... the Hot Dogs win out, hands down.

Fact #5 Wieners Stand Alone
You would not eat a bowl of ketchup and enjoy it, nor a bowl of mustard or relish, and even combining all 3 in a bowl would not taste so good. But a hot dog weiner on it's own... it's pure paradise!

Fact # 6 Hot Dogs Are LOYAL
Just like the 'dog' they are named after, Hot Dogs are loyal and committed -- where condiments by comparison and love to 'play the field'. After all, it does not take a detective to see that condiments could care less if they are paired with a Hot dog or a roast beef sandwich, or grilled cheese for that matter! They simply do not care who they are paired with. Condiments are fickle and heartless. Our 'hero' Hot Dog, by comparison, can stand alone... and we admire him for that.

Fact #7 Wieners are Cleaner ~ Condiments Are Always Messy
People everywhere prefer the cleanliness of plain Hot Dogs. How many hours have we all wasted trying to get a condiment stain out of a shirt or pants? Why are all condiments made to stain? Because they are in league with the laundry companies... this has been a longstanding partnership with perks on both sides and is just wrong on soooo many levels. Plain wieners are tasty and neater, and are not involved in suspicious activities.

Fact # 8 Weiners Are Creative
This fact needs no words to back it up. You simply need to watch the clip below.(We do realize this Hot Dog has condiments and feel the routine would have been even better if the hot dog had been free and unencumbered of such fixings).

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