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The Story

The longer story of how this all began is Coming Soon.

The short story is simply this.

This began as a 5th grade school project to debate the positive aspects of a plain hot dog vs. hot dogs with toppings. Which lets face it most people find plain Hot Dogs boring. As we brainstormed the benefits of a plain hot dog we came to the shocking realization that the wiener has been oppressed by condiments for many years and realized it was our duty to try and set him free.

Soon we will have comics on the site illustrating the heroic life of our 'super wiener'. for now you will have to choose how to vote based on the facts so prevalent throughout this entire site.

We would like to share a couple of clips with you illustrating how the wiener has been misused and demaned in the past, forced to be animated and to do tricks, just like a lowly pet. There is not end to the embarrassment and subservient behavior the weiner has been subjected to. It is our hope that in this future time we can begin to view and treat the wiener as a true equal.






Thank you,

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